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Catering Service in Weston, FL

Weston catering service prepares different menus and culinary dishes to fit any celebration around Broward County, FL. Celebrate with a prepared menu provided by our caterer in Weston as you provide your guests with entertainment while we provide them with the food. Weston catering service provides you the opportunity to focus on your guests without having to worry about the food, drinks, and serving as our professional caterers will take care of everything for you.

Weston Wedding Catering Service

Have us to take care of all of your Weston wedding services needed for the most important day in a brides life. Allow us to make it an easy time for you as you focus on arriving to the ceremony on time to meet with your friends and family. Weston wedding catering service provides all of your culinary needs with our custom  menu for your reception. Our food is prepared by our professional Weston cater whether you are looking to have a buffet style or a per person type of reception. We take care of all of your culinary services as you enjoy the celebration and attend to your guests. Do not worry about having to prepare any of the food as we will take care of the cooking and provide a wait staff to serve. Wedding catering service in Weston, FL is an important date in which you can celebrate with your loved ones.

Engagement Service & Anniversary Celebration in Weston

Our Weston caterers will meet with you and develop a relationship with all of our new customers visiting us for the first time. A lot of times the engagement party is when the families get to meet the soon to be married couple for the first time. Wellington engagement catering service provides you with a meal in which everyone can enjoy as everyone enjoys the evening. Weston Anniversary catering service allows us to provide you with a great menu in which everyone can enjoy. Celebrate a 1st year or 50th anniversary with your friends and family as we have the menu to provide the service everyone will enjoy. Weston caterers main objective is to make sure you and your significant other never forget the experience in which we provide you because when you return you know you will receive top notch service.


Birthday Service & Shower Service in Weston

A great birthday celebration for anyone  can be for a young child celebrating a 7th birthday, sweet sixteen, 21st birthday, or 50th birthday celebration. We provide a custom menu to fit any birthday celebration that you may be putting together. Weston catering service provides you with a celebration in which you can plan to have it at home or a banquet hall in one of the many different locations in Broward County, FL. Our culinary service is provided by our Weston caterers who will have you enjoying the prepared food by our professional staff. With friends and family ready to celebrate with you when you provide them the news of a brand new member joining your family with a baby shower. Our professional culinary service will help you with a menu with our professional Weston caterers. Our wait staff will make their rounds around the room providing everyone with different samples of food such as cocktails, drinks, and appetizers. Our culinary service has you covered as you get to talk with everyone during the day.


Weston, FL Graduation Services

Every parent is never ready for this day but are always proud with joy when they see their children graduate from elementary school, high school, or college. Weston graduation catering service can put together a great appetizer and snack menu in which everyone can enjoy and not have to worry about stuffing themselves too much. We also provide catering service for adults who return to college and receive their doctorate or finish school whether it is high school or college. Select from one of our many different culinary services such as cocktail, appetizer, hot and cold buffet style menus from our catering service in Weston, FL in which everyone can enjoy.


Catering Corporate Events & Holiday Parties in Weston, FL

We provide many different types of corporate event culinary services in Weston, FL. Whether your company or organization is a nonprofit organization, political party, or having a corporate event our Weston caterers provide you with many different menus to fit your occasion. Our professional Weston catering service will have you enjoying the event with everyone whether it is a fundraiser or looking to put some smiles on your hard working employees. Our caterers in Weston will provide you have a great holiday celebration. A lot of holiday parties are the biggest celebrations of the year and even the only party of the year which counts. Catering service in Weston, FL will provide you with the right culinary service that will have everyone talking about it for days after the celebration.


Weston Party Planning Consulting, Party Rental, & Accessories

Take a moment to speak with our caterer in Weston, FL so we can provide you with the necessary party planning consultation you need to prepare a great celebration along with our party rental equipment and accessories for a great event with your friends and family. If you are looking to prepare the food have us provide you with the party rental and accessories you need for your event. Weston catering service can provide our customers with all of the party rental and accessories they need for a great event. Count on us to provide you with the equipment needed for the food preparation accordingly and speak with us about our party planning consulting service.


Communions, Confirmations, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in Weston, FL

Catering service in Weston, FL provides you with a great custom menu in which everyone can enjoy for any young child becoming a man as you have family and friends get together at your home or banquet hall. Our caterers in Weston, FL provide a great menu set up for you to look over and select from enjoy with a great food preparation with any type of menu you may be in search of. If you are planning a Communion, Confirmation, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs do not hesitate to talk with our professional caterer in Weston, Florida so we can provide you with the menu that everyone can enjoy as they celebrate the children.


Weston Breakfast, Brunches, & Barbeque Catering Service

From a breakfast, brunch, or barbeque set up our culinary professionals will have you enjoying the food prepared by our Weston caterer. We do not just provide culinary services for evening celebrations we also provide breakfast and brunches as well. Weston caterer can have a complete breakfast, brunch and barbeque menu that can have you as the star of the event. From a corporate event or private party we can provide you with the food you need. Have your friends come over as we provide you with the finger licking good barbeque that you will enjoy believing that you are about to enjoy the big game at the stadium.


Office Luncheons & Cocktail Parties in Weston

Weston catering service provides your company whether they are a large corporation or a small business with a great selection for your office luncheon or cocktail party you may be having anywhere around Broward County, FL. Whether you are looking for an all out lunch buffet, appetizer, or brunch you can rely on  us to get a great food preparation together. If you want to go a bit lighter have us prepare sandwiches and snacks created by our Weston caterer. Our cocktail party set up will have everyone receiving appetizers from our wait staff as they make their way through the room whether it is a two hour event or four hour celebration.


Wait Staff/Bartending Service & Private Chef Service in Weston

Speak with our caterer in Weston so we may provide you with any special requests you may have for your event. From our professional wait staff, bartending service, or private chef service we can have you take care of what you are looking for. Weston bartending service will make it easy for everyone to enjoy some drinks that you may not have ever had or tried in a long time. Weston wait staff will arrive to your home and banquet hall as we provide everyone with a variety of different foods such as appetizers, cocktails, and snacks before the entrées are prepared by our private chef service. You can keep your guests entertained during the wedding, graduation, birthday, and holiday party.